Our government and its leaders have failed us. With each passing President, our country suffers more and more each term. We elect our leaders hoping they will help this country but all they offer us is more wars, less education, less health care reform, less living wages, more rights to corporations, more corruption, more violence, and they just continue to strip us of our Constitutional rights! It is time we take back control of our country! It is time we send a CLEAR message to the corrupt that have taken over our country! Write in your 2020 Presidential ballot vote for “Nobody”!

While Congress continues to fight for larger raises, homelessness in this country is staggering.

And the numbers you see here are only the records of the people who have reported they are homeless...

The United States of America is becoming a welfare country

Too many people can no longer make a living wage, while Congress has no problems living in multi-million dollar homes and taking vacations whenever they feel like it! The poor get poorer while the rich get wealthier! 

When the society of a country becomes unhappy violence increases

The number of reported violent crimes has risen slightly in the past few years.

While our countries leaders are lining their own pockets, schools all over this country are closing because of a lack of funding

The only investment that really matters is a quality public education for all our nation’s children.

Our elderly are neglected and our retirement year keeps getting raised

Not only does it take 30+ years to buy a home, The elderly have to sign over the deed to that property to enter into a retirement facility. They can’t even enjoy the house they paid off because our government keeps raising the retirement age. 

Once they enter into the retirement facility they become a number that is bargained against for funding.  

Elder patients in the U.S. often end up in older hospitals and medical centers. That usually means long walks down halls without railings or chairs with arms for rest stops. FRED DUFOUR/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

It is time we become our own leaders!